Basir Institude Came As Golden Sponsor

Basir Remote Sensing Institute, having a consortium of rich management resources with many years of experience, is the first private company which started its activity in 1999 in the field of remote sensing, geographic information systems, environment (weather modification) and Geophysics (Seismology and Earthquake Engineering and Underground Exploration), transfer of technical knowledge and scientific consultation. Using a group of first-rate experts throughout the world and getting great ideas from their numerous expertise and experience towards the increasing advancement of the scientific-industrial achievements in Iran. Basir Institute also makes efforts to promote knowledge level, develop the industry and implement national projects to promote the name of Iran and raise the Iranian flag on the summit of success. The Institute members have come together to be a wise partner for the industrialists, managers, researchers and their customers through specialized research in the field of remote sensing, industrial diagnosis, transfer of innovative technologies and technical knowledge and holding specialized courses and subspecialized training workshops. Thus, the Institute human resources include a combination of academic forces and executives along with some qualified experts and consultants working in an environment full of trust and honesty who take a great step towards the growth and excellence of Iranians industry cycle by identifying risky industrial bottlenecks and eliminating them and resolving numerous problems in the field of remote sensing. The Institute believes that the process of consultation and transfer of innovative technology and remote sensing knowledge is a bilateral activity in which the customer on the one hand and the Institute on the other hand can take a useful step towards a common goal, which is the responsibility of all against the future, through common interaction and efforts.