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Booth Registration & booking

International companies, firms, associations and foundations interested in participating the 7th international aviation and space exhibition of Iran are welcome to register for booking their Booths at Exhibition, beginning at 5:30 GMT , Saturday 31 August, 2016 by Activating the Registration form at TehranAirShow.com Website.

Plan of the Booths is now visible at registration webpage and is available at 3 different Categories.

Welcome to Iranian Aerospace Exhibition

The 7th  International Aviation & Space Industries Exhibition of Iran will present a unique opportunity to showcase products, technologies and services to an informed target audience and to demonstrate a marketing presence in the area of aviation and space.  A large number of domestic companies active in the aviation, aerospace, airlines and the other related industries and universities as well as foreign companies took part at the 6th International Aviation & Space Industries Exhibition of Iran and exhibited a vast range of products, systems and services in the aviation and space fields. So, The Iranian Aerospace exhibition will be a valuable opportunity for decision-makers to be informed and for exhibitors to connect with their customers.

These events received a warm welcome from the trades and specialists. We do hope that the 7th Iranian Aerospace Exhibition (2016) will also provide a suitable venue for participants and visitors to meet with their potential counterparts to discus of their interests and explore business opportunities.